Huť architektury EN – Martin Rajniš, David Kubík


address: Krňany, Česká republika
costs: 250 000 CZK
completion: 07.2006
utililisable area: 70 m²
built-up: 80 m²
enclosed volume: 360 m³
photographs: Andrea Thiel Lhotáková

The walls are built in the lumber stack method (beam – sticker – beam). Nothing is nailed together! The beams are laid freely across each other. Nothing is sawed! The sawmill supplies four- and fi ve-meter beams, whatever is excess can simply stick out at the corners. Stickers are made from three layers of laths – in place of the middle layer, we place at the corner a transverse beam. And look – it’s standing all by itself! Floor, ceiling, roof framework are formed from beams in a coffering system of transverse beams with their side-runners tied in place with twisted bailing wire. The roof covering is from heat-fused plywood. The building stands on stakes of tree-trunks positioned on oak slabs. Brace the building with steel wire.

And we have our woodshed. That’s all!!!

In Krňany, we tried to go further on in the development of hollow lumber stack, even the roof structure is here done somewhat differently from (and better than) the barn in Maxov. The covering is from heat-fused plywood. At the investor’s request, part of the barn has interior glazing, which can deal with the considerable changes produced in the building’s dimensions through the drying as well as the humidity of wood.

Text by David Kubík

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