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věž Scholzberg
věž Scholzberg
věž Scholzberg
věž Scholzberg

address: Maxov, Česká republika
costs: 160 000 CZK
completion: 05.2006
built-up area: 11 m²
enclosed volume: 140 m³

Instructions for the construction of a tower:

On a raised piece of land, find a place where rock protrudes from the ground. Place a truss made of four wooden planks onto stacks made of beams which are anchored onto the rock using threaded rods. Place planks onto the truss to form a square measuring 3 x 3 metres. Each unit is made up of two layers of planks interspersed with laths, with a thicker sticker consisting of double-width laths inserted between the units. Wooden steps forming a double helix are placed in each gap between units. There are sixteen steps per each full turn, i.e. 360 degrees. The helix is inscribed in a square. Use four-metre-long planks and laths straight from the sawmill, without planing or drying the wood. All the components are simply placed onto one another without the use of nails. Use steel cords on the walls to brace the tower. Place boulders with holes bored through them into four pits in the ground about seven meters away from the tower. Pull the threaded rods through the holes. The bracing cords are pulled through loops at the end of the rods. Weigh down the boulders with a heap of stones. It is all so easy that I built the tower with the help of a group of young people – students. Even so, there are a few important things one needs to know. So, please – don’t build without us!

Text by Martin Rajniš

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