HAMR - Prof. Ing. arch. Martin Rajniš, MgA. David Kubík, Ing. arch. Tomáš Kosnar

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HAMR – Prof. Ing. arch. Martina Rajniš, MgA. David Kubík, Ing. arch. Tomáš Kosnar

interior design:
Ranný Architects – Ing. Arch. Mojmíra Ranný

golf course landscape design:
Golfer – Ing. Libor Jirásek, Michael Terech

project collaboration:
AED – Ing. Zbyněk Ransdorf, Ing. Blanka Bulířová
HSD statika – Ing. Ing. Jaroslav Podolák, Ing. Karel Mareš

construction management:
BTF Engineers & Developers s.r.o. – Ing. Radek Jahn, Ing. Tomáš Vrátil

utilisable area 1 740m2
enclosed volume 6 033m3
built up area 1 946m2

project: 2012-2014
completion: 2015-2016

Panorama 1, Kácov 285 09

Aleš Jungmann 1-9, René Volfík 10-16


How we made a golf clubhouse

When we learned with David Kubík that we could, even under relatively complicated conditions, take part in the contest for the golf club in Kácov, we left everything else to swim. Moreover, as we soon found out, the countryside where the clubhouse would be located is simply gorgeous. The long, slow arm of the Sazava river captures the beautiful scenery of the landscape, rising above the surface of the river to a height of almost 90 metres. Nearby is the picturesque town of Kácov with its unique castle, whose central hall, with a sort of continuous skylight, gives it the impression of an Italian building. Virtually bewitched by the spell of the area, we did not have to wait long for the main concept of ​​the construction: suddenly, there was a giant golfer who put his shoe in soft clay almost at the top of the peak where the investors jabbed their finger into the plan. Along the perimeter of the giant footprints were 100 x 50 metres of muddy clay mounds, into which we cut a segment and placed the clubhouse here. On the outside, we set up a gigantic terrace with panoramic views not only of the golf course but of the whole countryside; It would be a sin to deny the view of the river, the magical atmosphere of the little town with the castle and the surrounding countryside.

In order to get the orientation and the correct height position of the building towards the playing area and the rest of the landscape, we rotated the whole model, and, at the same time, we realised that when the sun shines, everyone gets dazzled so the shielding system became a priority. However, as we wanted a long-term sustainable house, we devised a large, sturdy blade shape like that of a windmill; timber below and a titanium-coated top. Since investors wished for a “solid” house with lots of stone, we created a material and spatial study of large granite blocks and columns in the style of old Greece. And since we are committed to centuries of good tradition, we wanted to make the clubhouse a part of nature, so we used wood and glass. The north wall towards the car park is stone with granite in the middle, which looks like it goes in and defines an elevated entrance area where the suspended ceiling system is made of solid wood. The first floor contains basic facililties that similar buildings have: a dining room, a bar, a gathering area, VIP areas. Other facilities, ie shop, administration, kitchen, warehouses and social buildings are located at the northern facade. The restaurant, foyer, multifunctional room and VIP zone connect with the terrace.

On the second floor there are hotel rooms / apartments with shaded terraces overlooking the entire 27-hole course. Right in front of the clubhouse there are several lakes fed from the Sazava River, which are composed like a spatial fan, gradually descending down the slope.

At dusk, the lake creates mirrors, in which the clubhouse reflects and there is a sense of harmony, which has been already been incorporated into the Bohemian landscape in Baroque. In short and rightly so, if we saw our beloved Santini, he might say something like, “Well, guys, I can see that you tried! Though  I am better, you’re walking in my footsteps … ”

The work is done! When we looked over the lake with David and saw the clubhouse as a whole – the crown of the shielding systems and the main yard lined with heavy stone walls at the end of something magnificently resembling the two granite fingers of the sphinx, we felt pretty good.

Having such great intentions is undoubtedly a huge challenge. I admit that focusing and responding to the variety of diverse, often contradictory demands of the individual groups involved, required a considerable amount of patience. But with such large buildings, we are, after all, accustomed to this…

When the Lord is at home, there is sometimes a building that architects see in their dreams. Now, with your permission, I can dare assure myself that the golf club in Kácov belongs to such buildings. It stands majestically but at the same humble as if it’s fully aware of the beauty and incomparability of the surrounding landscape, and at the same time says: “Golf lovers, come to rest in my unique spaces. I offer you a perfect symbiosis! “We have to admit that we are really happy about this building and we hope it will bring a lot of blessed experiences to all who will serve it.


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