Huť architektury EN – Martin Rajniš, Tomáš Kosnar, Jiří Táborský, Martin Blažek, David Kubík



On 20 October 2015, architect Martin Rajniš and his Huť architektury – HAMR – team, along with architecture students completed the DÓM CHAOSU (Dome of Chaos) structure in Prague. In so doing, they established a new field of world architecture – Anarchostructuralism.


Prof. Martin Rajniš perceives chaos as a part of life, and over-orderliness as one of contemporary architecture’s handicaps. Through his construction, he wanted to demonstrate in practice that a structure can be built which will remind people of the world close to them…
‘To begin with, I didn’t realise how fascinating it would be, and I had absolutely no idea what this unobtrusive little structure would mean for me. Its erection followed immediately on from my talk on chaos as a creator of freedom and independence, so I was able to see how my theory worked in practice. The chaotic structure gave everyone the opportunity to take part without being cornered by complex technology. I saw how freedom spoke to everyone – it was an unforgettable experience,’ said a tired but satisfied Martin Rajniš following completion of his construction.


How it was built:
Workshop participants and random passersby made the construction using plastic connectors between the key building blocks – regular tetrahedrons. From these triangular-based pyramids, arch segments were connected along six tetrahedrons, which corresponded to half the length of the DÓM arch. With the use of scaffolding, two segments were erected against each other, and connected to each other and with the neighbouring arches. The structure was created basically without any plans, with only rough dimensions given in advance. The exact appearance and method of construction, number of arches and segments were adjusted and improved in accordance with the material acquired, the invention of the builders and the resultant impression.


Project outcome:
The workshop verified the anticipated construction properties, tested the assembly procedure and confirmed the importance and power of chaos and entropy in construction. Its location and timing as part of a film and gourmet festival also proved successful in showcasing the idea to the general public.


Foto: Tomáš Tesař

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